Struggling to build muscle ?? .. Working out really hard but isn’t seeing the results you deserve ?
What are you doing wrong that stops you from having the best physique in your life ??

Honestly saying there are lot of mistakes people could do wrong that will result in no results that’s the main reason you don’t see many people with good physiques at your gym ..most probably you will see either one or two with perfectly symmetric bodies  and a descent built …

The reason is most people tend to do a lot of things completely wrong .. Once you know the science behind it and the technique and proper knowledge to follow you will see faster results ..

I can remember the time I starting hitting the gym .. After 6 months I stopped seeing results and I was thinking hard as I put in the work everyday but why am I not seeing the results of my hard work ..
After plenty of research I found out what I was doing wrong …

Below is the list of things you might be doing wrong and if u mend those ways , guaranteed your on the correct path .. So avoid the points listed ……


1. Bad form .. (Ego lifting )

This is the worst of the worst .. Every time I step in the gym this is the first thing I see people doing .. EGO LIFTING .. Ego lifting + bad form will result in zero gains .. Your just wasting your energy on just moving the weight .. Most people want to compete with one another to see who is alpha .. But DON’T .!! .. One thing you will face is an injury and also you will not see any result …

Always drop your ego at the door and focus on the muscle contraction and also mind muscle connection … Dropping the weight and doing with perfect form will result in faster gains …


2. Compound movements ..

most people tend to ignore compound movements like dead lifts , bench press and squats and focus more on targeting exercises …  Compound movements target full body strength and overall muscular development ..

And also it boosts your testosterone levels .. So always go heavy in compound movements but stick to the strict form


3. Speed of the movement

This is another major factor which should be taken seriously if you want to serious gains .. Most people execute the exercise as fast as possible or with a medium speed .. But the best results come from executing the movement as slow as possible controlling the negative portion of the movement to descend the weight as slow as your muscle can take .. The reason for this is your muscles grow faster when there is a lot of time under tension .. So the slower your movement is the faster the gains will be ..


3. Not enough protein …

You tear your muscle fibers in the gym and you basically repair the damaged fibers while asleep where your protein synthesis starts the repairing process.. If you don’t have enough protein in your system to repair the fibers then all your hard work in the gym will be such a waste as you grow when the muscle repairs it self.

So protein is essential .. Make sure you get enough protein into your system ..


4. Sleep

As i told earlier you need protein to grow. Protein synthesis in your body starts working only when the body is at rest .. If your not getting enough sleep it would contribute in you not building muscle .. S o make sure you get some sleep for a minimum of 6 hours to grow.


5. Not lifting heavy enough ..

Lifting heavy doesn’t mean you let your ego take over , but try to lift heavy where you still can use strict form and squeeze the muscle …. Don’t go too light .. If your going really light your not growing your just wasting your energy …

So make sure to lift moderately heavy with strict form .


6.  Rest is too long

The other factor which is affecting your ovrall gains is the rest between sets .. Don’t spend too much time resting in between sets .. A maximum of 60 seconds is more than enough rest in between sets .


7.  Ignoring legs



Recent study shows that working on your legs frequently boosts the testosterone levels in your body which will result in  overall muscular development since higher testosterone means faster and more muscle growth .. So make sure you don’t skip leg day .. Train legs at least twice per week .. and if your lagging calves growth train them thrice a week .


8. Too much cardio

Cardio should be limited to about only a maximum of thrice a week or less …As cardio burns more calories .. You don’t want that to happen when building muscle . As your proteins also get burnt which will empty your system from proteins and there by your body will not have protein to repair the damaged muscles..



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