Its the start of a new year and I feel you . You want to get in the best shape of your life this year 2020 . And you want to get ripped so you can impress all your friends with that attractive and chiseled six pack this year . And also you want to make it as fast as possible and be in the best shape of your life this year .

I am here to provide you with all the advice step by step to making your dreams a reality . For a moment forget everything you know about the gym . Read this article and it will be more than enough to get you ripped in no time .

Now we know our type of workouts affect the most and plays a major role in getting you RIPPED . So what type of workout should you focus on when your trying to get ripped ?

So basically focus on ligting heavy . The weight lifting should be the same as when your trying to build muscle .  Focus on lifting heavy weights with proper form . Lifting heavier weights will retain the size of the muscle and prevent it from getting smallerand will make you look JACKED .

The additions we need to add to the workout is “CARDIO ” .So what type of cardio should you do and which type should you do it to burn fat fast and make you look ripped ?

I highly recommend performing ” HIIT ” .  When I was cutting down this the type of cardio I did and trust me it worked wonders .I got ripped really fast as I was seen better results every week . The amount of fat I had decreased immensely and I felt healthier , stronger , confident and more fitter as well . So how do you perform “HIIT ” ?

Lets take for example you like doing your cardio on a treadmill . What you got to do is keep a timer for 10 Minutes . The first minute and a half slightly jog at a steady pace . Then after that for 45 seconds run as fast as possible with your fastest speed . Then as soon as 45 seconds end , for another minute and a half walk at a steady pace this pace is also called “the catching my breath phase “. Then for another 45 seconds run as fast as possible . So basically do sets like that for 10 mintues and you will be drenched by then .

This type of cardio will Increase your stamina drastically and burn fat faster than any other types of cardio and also it takes less time to do it .

The other factor you should focus on is the diet . Diet plays a a huge role when your trying to get ripped but you don’t have to stick to a strict diet where you starve yourself and not enjoy life . Make sure you consume enough Meat  , vegetables and focus on manipulating your carbs .

You should be on a carb deficit , meaning you should eat less carbs to make you look ripped .  If you don’t like to stick to a strict diet , just make sure you watch what you eat . Try to keep carbs as low as possible throughout the day .  And make sure you consume less carbs as the day ends . If possible try to consume zero carbs at night .

The final factor is Consistency . Make sure you stay consistent . Meaning dont skip any gym sessions and diets . And make sure you train hard , heavy and smart .

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