How to get Stronger Faster 💪


Are you a weak individual looking for a way to get stronger , faster and be more confident about yourself ? Being stronger is what everyone yearns for . Well there are added benefits of being strong which  mainly will be a boost in self confidence and also a better status in public . You might be the weak person in the classroom who wants to get stronger and show off your strength to the girls .

Or you could be the guy who wants to teach them bullies a good lesson . Either way being strong is the new sexy and also will save you in many situations as well as help you in the long run .


So how can you get stronger fast ? . Getting stronger is practically way easier than building muscle . Building muscle require time , proper nutrition and training all the muscles properly .

But when it comes to getting stronger you will eventually notice time to time every time you workout that you seem to be improving your strength day by day .

Now you must be really pumped up to get stronger and unleash your full strength potential . But how do you get stronger fast ? There are many different ways to get stronger . There’s not just one route to take to get stronger .

1. Weight lifting

The most answered way would be weight training . Yes its one of the top ways to get stronger faster . When it comes to weight lifting for strenth its a totally different regime you should follow when compared to muscle building . A standard weight lifting for strength regime should be as follows .

Deadlifts  8 sets x 5 reps

Dead lifts is one of the highly recommended and most effective weight lifting movement to build overall strength .  How do you perform dead lifts ? There are many different types of dead lifting ways . We are going to go through the main 2 ways which are the Conventional  dead lift and the sumo dead lift .

The way to perform the conventional deadlift is to first position the legs shoulder width apart , arch your back , hold the bar also shoulder width apart and keeping you back straight without hunching it or bending lift the weight to a finished position where you will be fully standing with your back arched and pulling the weight a bit back  and then slowly lower the weight and let the weight rest on the floor . And then repeat the same movement for 5 reps .

The main idea you should focus is adding more weight on every set you do but remember this movement is very likely to get injured if performed incorrectly and also add more weight only if your one hundred percent confident that you could do it with perfect form . Below shows the proper way to perform the conventional dead lift .

The other method of deadlift which is the sumo deadlift is almost the same as the conventional deadlift but instead the feet are placed much more wider and at a 45 degrees angle . The picture on the right shows the sumo deadlift . The advantages of sumo deadlift is that you will be able to lift more weight than the conventional dead lift .

Squats 8 sets x 5-6 reps

Weighted squats is also a guaranteed movement to build strength as well as boost overall strength . Always keep in mind that this movement should also be performed with strict form and also increase the weight gradually . The way to perform weighted squats is first to place your feet a bit wider than shoulder width place the bar above your shoulders and then by bending your knees go all the way down slowly and and then taking your time slowly come up .

Bench Press 8 sets x 5 reps


Bench press is the next movement which helps build strength mainly targeting the upper body including chest and triceps . Gradually increase the weight in each set and decrease the number of reps . So target on performing just one rep with the maximum weight you can do and don’t forget to use a spotter while doing this movement .


2. Calisthenics

The other method to get stronger faster is engaging in calisthenics workouts which consists of a lot of reps unlike weight lifting for strength .Calisthenics exercises consists of pull ups , push ups (different variations ) , muscle ups , Dips and many more . An ideal calisthenics workout regime is listed below which any one can perform and notice insane strength gains .


Pull ups (8 sets  x as many reps as possible)

Normal pushups (8 sets x as many reps as possible )

Diamond pushups ( 8 sets x as many reps as possible )


Dips on parallel bar ( 8 sets x as many reps as possible)

Hanging leg raises (8 sets x as many reps as possible )


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