Get Your body in shape this New year … (Diet , Supplement and Workout )

So made your new year resolutions and one of them was to get in the best shape of your life and make 2018 the best year of your life ???

No idea where to start from ??

If your the guy who is motivated and works on conquering their goals no matter what , then this article is for you .

2018 will be your year and you will definetly get in shape  and I will guide you through every step to take on to achieve your dream physique in 2018 . I will give you all a custom designed workout which I have listed below and also the Supplement plan to go with the routine to get the maximum results .


First things first … Grab a gym membership .. Don’t go for the cheapest gym as some gyms will not have proper equipment to train with .. So carefully examine the equipment in the gym and get the member ship ..

Step one is done ….


Next is the workout ..

The workout should not be an average workout .. Now now … You want to get in shape as soon as possible so for that you should follow a custom designed workout regime specifically targeted to stimulate the process in achieveing the physique as soon as possible ..

Try the custom designed workout below and guaranteed faster results …

Monday (Chest and Triceps)

Flat bench press  (4 x 10)

Dumbbell fly (4x 10)

cable cross over (4x 10)

Cable triceps pushdown ( 4 x 10 )

Triceps dumbbell kickbacks ( 4x 10)


Tuesday  (Back and calves )

Barbell bent over row ( 4 x 8 )

Lat pull down   ( 4 x 8)

Cable low row ( 4 x8)

Machine calf raise ( 4 x 15 )

Seated calf raise ( 4 x 15 )


Wednesday (Rest)


Thursday ( shoulders and legs )

Barbell shoulder press ( 4 x8 )

Dummbbell side lateral raises ( 4 x 12 )

Ez curl bar upright rows ( 4 x 10 )

Barbell squats ( 4 x8 )

Leg extension ( 4 x 8 )

Leg curl ( 4 x 8 )

Friday (Cardio)



Saturday ( Arms)

Barbell curls ( 4x 8)

Dumbbell hammer curls ( 4 x 12 )

Concentration curls ( 4 x 10 )

Skull crushers ( 4 x 10 )

Tricep cable pushdown ( 4 x 10 )


Sunday ( Cardio and Abs )

Crunches ( 4  x 15 )

Sit ups ( 4 x 15 )

Leg raises ( 4 x 15 )

For cardio perform

Burpeess ( 4 x 20 seconds )





You can’t cheat on your diet if you want real results .. Well you don’t have to follow a very strict diet rountinue where you have to suffer a lot in the process . . You can have a flexible diet regime all you have to do is focus on getting enough protein into your body as well as carbs

Basic formulae

1 Gram of protein per pound of Bodyweight

2 Grams of Carb per pound of Body weight ..

Get your carbs and protein throughout the day to boost repair and growth in the muscles ..

Your diet should mainly consists of Rice (Red) , Fish , Chicken , Beef and other meat sources with Lean meat  .


Supplements at once will not give your dream physique but they will surely help in the process to boosting to get the results faster .

The supplements you should focus more is a protein supplement , fish oils  and BCAA’S .

These supplements are the best in the market with clinically and lab tested for sure results . I recommend the below listed supplements in this program .

For a Protein supplement I recommend the Gold standard Whey by Optimum Nutrition . Consume 2 scoops per day . One scoop early in the morning and one before going to bed or just after the workout . To grab your protein powder click on the link below


Fish oil is the next supplement that definitely should be included in your supplement stack . As fish oil repairs damaged tendons and bone tissue and supports joints during working out with heavy weights . With also added features that protects your heart and improve circulatory system .


To purchase the best fish oil in the market click on the image below .




The other essential supplement is BCAAS also known as Branched Chain Amino Acids ..Consume this supplement during the workout for recovery during the workout .

The BCAA I would highly recommend is the Optimum nutrition brand BCAA . Not only it is reliable but also guaranteed benefits with also its exciting new flavors .

To get your own BCAA and recover faster click on the link below to grab it now .



Hope you guys follow the procedures and achieve astonishing results and get the body you always dreamed about .. And I hope 2018 will be your best year ..


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